Based on the Local Frame Buffer architecture, this platform provides 64MB of dedicated RAM to the integrated chipset which removes an enormous burden from the system memory, especially since AMD64 processors have integrated memory controllers. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Do you already have an account? Also, the driver version 3. Similar to a discrete graphics card, the local frame buffer therefore channels power to 3D graphics output to render amazing images that truly make the game experience fun and unbelievably real. What make and model is it?? Why my SiS Integrated Graphic can not support x resolution?

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After setting up correctly, SiS Display Properties will only show those modes which your monitor can support automatically. The correct procedure has been listed below: The following is the instruction to connect to TV: Runs fine for approximatley twenty minutes then crashes the comp.

Counter Strike Source and SiS 760

Your name or email address: Similar to a discrete graphics card, the local frame buffer therefore intergarted power to 3D graphics output to render amazing images that truly make the game experience fun and unbelievably real. Everything is compatible with the Source engines specs but when I ran Counter Strike Source for the first time it said I didn’t meet specs because the SiS wasn’t reading as a DirectX card, but my friends,you and I know there is no other such thing this day in age for PC.


As to interrgrated type selecting, many users do not know how to do it. Why my computer get a blue screen or a general protection fault after I install the latest driver from SiS Web Site? Select the monitor driver which matches your monitor type from the device list or you can provide the driver yourself by using inergrated Disk” button.

Also provided is onboard 6-channel audio with Jack Sensing design for enhanced multimedia functioning that can be quickly and easily installed.

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Final Retail Date and Size: All these features enable the Ultra graphics core to deliver superior high-resolution graphics competing with that of an external AGP8X graphics card. Im not looking to play the newest games, but hopefully able to play something.

Sharp CanadianMar 4, How to get a resolution and refresh rate higher than a standard mode x under Windows? What make and model is it??

The computer is a friends and I already know it has nothing to 64mh with system specs even though they are low grade. With its revolutionary 64bit architecture this CPU is fully compatible with future 64 bit operating systems and its enhanced performance both tested and proven in current 32 bit applications.


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TechSpot is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users. The highest version for my vid driver I came accross was 3. Problems with computer, and Counter Strike source Aug 13, That’s another way to achieve it. Control panel, system, advanced, startup and recovery options.

If it didin’t, you may change resolution and refresh rate under “Display Properties”. There might be a problem with the graphics driver.

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Display Devices Card name: Download itergrated correct driver and run the installation. Feb 17, Messages: It looks like an error with the graphic card would this probem be fixable?

Counter strike source just lags up and fps has gone bad Feb 19, The resolution will be adjusted automatically high than x This also works on other games you are having trouble with. 64mh it or not it could be your sound card.