Go for an older nvidia driver as well. I’d also get rid of the SSD. I ran 3DMark2k1 and got just over 20k, when I should be getting around 30k and over. Try a standard platter drive. Go for the oldest drivers you can find – for everything. Return to General Old Hardware. I will try to find older drivers for graphics card and sound card.

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I will try to find older drivers for graphics card and sound card. That’s how I got it to work on my 7775i65gv voodoo 2 sli rig.

Unfortunatly I installed using enhance mode so I will try another installation tonight with compatible mode from the beginning. And a couple of times scandisk started after installing something and “reset” Windows icons, default programs.

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There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Return to General Old Hardware. Users browsing this forum: These should normally be disabled on old machines for compatibility with ISA and legacy devices, but your machine requires them to be on to work correctly. If You are going to get rubbish performance You may as well just put winxp on it, but it would still be a very powerful Win98 gaming rig if You can get it sorted.


Mother Asrock i65GV no detecta disco SATA | Mis videos | Pinterest | Videos

In theory the above setup should work since everything has official Win98 drivers. Oh and always install DX before installing the video card and sound card driver. Go for the oldest drivers you can find – for everything.

Enhanced mode will not work with Win9x.

This site hosts no abandonware. Board index All times are UTC. The idea was to create the most powerful Win98se machine possible, without doing “hacks”.

What sound card are you using? It has to be under GB ideally.

D and F seem mirrors of 775l65gv other. The first problem is that the IDE-controllers doesn’t get installed correctly, it does seem to find the drivers from Intel, but they remain with a yellow exclamation mark in the device manager and my DVD drive is not discovered.

Serial Ata (sata) Hard Disks Installation – Asrock i65GV User Manual [Page 23]

When I remove the thumb drive, F disappears from explorer, but D: The next problem is that the asfock installation program from Creative does not find my sound card. Fourth problem is the 3D performance, it seems very low.

I already have the most powerful WinXP machine possible. I don’t really understand why, because 7775i65gv finds it and are asking for drivers. I had to skip those to be able to continue. For the sblive I would suggest aiming the windows driver update at the cdrom folders rather than running it from the cd.


I’d also get rid of the SSD. The later Nvidia Win98 drivers give terrible performance in games, they didn’t care about optimisation at that point. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Need to find asrock 775i65gv SATA drivers

I installed Win98 from the HDD last night, but it was even more buggy and wouldn’t finish the installation until a booted in safe mode and installed Intel inf in between restarts and after that it kind of finished the installation, but it’s extremly unstable now and won’t start every time. First of all I would suggest going into the bios and turning off anything that You are not using, com ports, parallel port, onboard sound, Network, etc.

Here it is anyway. Try a standard platter drive. Aasrock problem with Win98 on a more modern motherboard is the lack of IRQ’s vs Winxp, 15 against 23 or YouTubeFacebookWebsite.

It offers almost no performance boost in