If you are still having unexplained issues then you need to do a clean install of BF2 and PR. I have the same thing going on. Then test each stick individually by placing one stick in the first DIMM slot. If you suspect that a virus or other Malware programs is effecting the files: You must read the documentation on your motherboard to know which ones are dual channel. Message 3 of 61 38, Views. To find out which memory stick is bad or if a DIMM slot on your motherboard is bad you will have to do a few things.

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If the first two slots pass the memtest86 then you plug in the 3rd slot. Putting your computer specifications in your signature does not make your penis bigger. First plug in the first two memory slots. Download pbsetup this is separate from pbsvc, it’s a tool that automatically updates your Punkbuster BF2 file.

Punk Buster kicks ATT w/restriction disallowed program driver | guru3D Forums

Do not do this in a dirty environment and make certain you have discharged any static electricity you have by touching something grounded. Yeah I have andy but for some reason even after uninstall and while it isn’t even running I still get this error. Joining server again and then working fine – lag again when spawning but no kick usually. Create a pbsvc installer shortcut AND pbsetup program shortcut on your desktop. Installed BF4 yesterday again and now i have the same problem.


You should now be fully updated and working, if you still are getting kicked, post your error in this thread. I can’t find any explanation on the internet and i don’t have this emulator installed: January I did this, still having same problem.

Already uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated Punkbuster with no change. Once you have tested all your memory in this way and if each one passes the test then you have eliminated memory as an issue and must then test out the DIMM slots on your motherboard.

Disallowed Program/Driver [130827]

January Hey guys. Message 8 of 61 36, Views.

To do this fix do the following: Overwolf progrma uninstalled but nothing helps. Your name or email address: Easy to fix just manually update punkbuster http: I have the same thing going on. Now I do horrible but I don’t get banned every game now You should know by then which slot is broken and plan accordingly.


Domain, Private and Public.

Guess that’s the thingy then. Message 4 of 61 38, Views. I deleted an reinstalled punkbuster twice. Although a clunky fix, it lets me play. I have Steam running when I play and I don’t get kicked.

Kilroy’s thread was a help for me.

RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver [] – Answer HQ

BF2 installation and in-game issues. Maybe PB b2f it server-side Solve world hunger while you are at it, because that is just as likely. Run pbsetup from the shortcut on your desktop and Add Battlefield 2 if its not already listed, then click on update and let it update the BF2 files, pay attention to any messages that come up during the installation.

Hey I’ve got the same isssue i’ve got Andy too but since a long time ago, and Andy wasn’t running.