Contents [ show ]. Thank you for your continued interest. I have removed redundant files and programmes from the existing hard discs thus creating more space, and will hope that the computer will last another year when I will replace it with a new laptop. The laptop utilized a massive copper heatsink and 2 fans to keep the hot-running Pentium 4 cool. Do you already have an account? No we have not been here before collinsl. This laptop was specially paint and customized

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Baking the card hasn’t helped either. I have the last version of the motherboard with sata ports for the cd-rom drives. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Notebooks and Desktops for Sale. I still radi a DK. Yes, my password is: Retrieved from ” http: I have a Clevo DT laptop.

XP is the operating system I am using.

Noisy when all fan are running, but giving a second life to this portable was fun The fist thing that has to be done is to install the RAID. Raic other thread was about jumpers that got bogged down in irrelevant detail because I was stupid enough to confuse PATA and SATA in the first post but my intention should have been clear in each post after that.


Can anyone confirm this or offer any other advice. The laptop was also one of the first to have a standardized separable video card module.

Clevo D9T running Windows 7 Ultimate | NotebookReview

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I am fairly sure as I have been looking around over the Internet to see what others have been saying about this laptop. These machines are quite outdated in terms of modern performance. JamesPMay 30, The Clevo DT is the first of Clevo’s super-massive desktop-replacement laptop machines equipped with actual desktop processors as their CPU. I had two whites enclosures clebo, 1 pure white photo and a darker white, for the fun i mixed the darker white under cover panels hdd, ram, cpu to the white one.

Clevo D9T running Windows 7 Ultimate

Granted, the DT and a small amount of later models were the only ones to use the standard, but video cards that met the standard could freely be interchanged and used in the laptop.

If the cable is some sort of conversion cable perhaps not. No, create an account now. Meaker Sager Dec 27, at 4: Sign In Don’t have an account?


The only downside is the Promise raid adapter wanting to find a drive Only the bison camera and the front buttons near the clock aren’t working. The laptop utilized a massive copper heatsink and 2 fans to keep the hot-running Pentium 4 cool. Vertical lines are appearing on the screen and it’s getting worse with time.

I have a gtx mb in it upgraded from mbbut the thing is starting to go. Because it has been impossible to be absolutely sure that new large capacity disks will work in this old computer I have decide not to vlevo with the installation.

That way the hdd will be seen from the Intel chipset. Danishblunt Dec 27, at 9: This is a bit specialist…I may be in the wrong part of the forum. At the time, the processors fitted had extremely high clocks for their day 3.