Seems quite accurate on addresses even in boonies. I am looking at buying one unit that I can use in my truck and to do inshore saltwater fishing. I have not used the optional maps he refers to, but as you will find in these threads there are those who have. To know how to get the Return Authorization number, please follow the instructions below: Instead, it would be the “4 WD” unit built for road and trail. Had a Garmin before and it was much better. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

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Update my device right now

Detailed topo maps are available. I am a PC Technician and it guides me to the homes to fix dead computers and televisions. There is likely a better unit on the market.

Unless you can by very cheaply or need the outdoor and marine functions and are willing to invest lots of extra money, effort and time to make unit function you are probably better off to purchase a Garmin for your car.

Google Earth, the internet and mobile devices.

Tim – November 5th, Try the following link to a thread for Crossover info. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Luck John Elliott – October 8th, It does everything I want but talk to me with that sultry voice. Screen had spider cracks with normal pressure on the screen. Also the region must be set to Canada or the US depending on which country the city is located in.


He is dead right and there are many other amazing flaws. Have to say that GPSPassion is an interesting site.

Magellan Crossover GPS Car Handheld GPS Navigation System : GPS CENTRAL

An equivalent Car not waterproof system is a fraction of the price. Due to their web issues, I was unable to download MapSend Lakes West, and ended up spending a total of more than 5 hours on the phone before I found someone that would help me. Chat to us for a Price Match Close.

Bill Christenson – April 7th, Mark – December 14th, Limited POIs but you can add lots more. John Elliott – January 30th, Third time in a few years buying Garmin gear and never a problem.

Magellan Crossover GPS (GPSMAGPND)

I have not used the optional maps he refers to, but as you will find in these threads there are those who have. A host of other advanced auto navigation features are included such as real time traffic reporting, an MP3 player, and a photo viewer. Yes I know the MC systems have oth er features like HUGE letters to type with, but you know you should not be typing while riding regardless of the key size right? Grant – June 5th, I do wish the topo maps were more accurate also.


Thank goodness for Garmin. If you do have any further queries regarding this issue please email us or you can call us at for further assistance.

Warranty & Support

The upgrade prices for maps are higher than I think reasonable. It has never failed to give me correct directions and deliver me to within ft of a POI or address destination error not due to GPS accuracy but rather database accuracy.

On weekends I use it for geocaching with the family and husband uses it to go hiking in the mountains. As a matter of fact you can get a much better Car type GPS brand new for around the same price you can find a used or refurbished Crossover.

A tip to check out. How does the ggps compare to the lowrance c? Great for Geocaching as you save your coordinates to the SD card by name and download them when wanted. Customer service via email was non-existent.