Without all the plastic cladding, the NGTX is slightly smaller in size. While this has not made the folks at MSI very happy about how late the review is, know very well that the card has not been tested for a week and then thrown in a box to lie around. Steve Klein steveklein4 comcast. Home Reviews News Forums. Latest News Latest Videos.

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MSI Launches GeForce GTX SuperPipe Graphics Cards | TechPowerUp

No extra games, no koosh balls, no monitor cleaners, absolutely nothing but the basics. Only a couple of apps really caused it to struggle, but if a user has a monitor with a max resolution of x, they likely will never see any issues with running at all settings maxed out except of course Crysis. Let us hope that these things will not happen for a variety superpiep reasons.

Priced as the card is now, I think it is a fair deal considering what else is out there.

MSI N285GTX SuperPipe OC – graphics card – GF GTX 285 – 1 GB

It also gets hot. During certain applications the fan spins up so it is the loudest thing on the test bench and in the test lab. It is fabricated at the 65 nm node, and it is around mm squared in size. It had few problems superlipe the majority of applications spuerpipe x with varying amounts of AA thrown in. What was the best tech product of ? In the time that I have used this card on my main testbed, it has never glitched once.


The build quality is excellent, the cooler design works just as it is supposed superpiipe, and the NVIDIA GTX is a very good chip that provides a very good gaming and entertainment experience. According to MSI, SuperPipe products will feature 8mm thick heatpipes – roughly 60 per cent thicker than usual – that vastly improve heat dissipation and result in a 90 per cent improvement in thermal efficiency.

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The lower card is a reference GTX In fact, the last time I had been included in a major release was back in the GeForce 4 Ti days. So when I came into PCPer, within the first six months I was able to lay hands on a high end video card that was sent to me so I could help Superpkpe out with some of the non-traditional graphics tests namely video transcoding using CUDA and Folding Home.

A quarter century tour; a Supwrpipe Marine’s job is never done. There are few things more enjoyable than opening up a package with a new video card inside. One point I should make about heat pipes is it’s not just how wide they are that effects there performance, far from it.

The heatpipes are what MSI is staking their reputation with.

MSI NGTX Superpipe OC GeForce GTX Review | Conclusion

The GTb is the 55 nm shrunk version of the GT, and the changes to the design are minimal as compared to the older 65 nm version. Remember the briefcase sized boxes that were introduced with the GeForce series? Latest News Latest Videos.


A foam surround xuperpipe around the video card, which is protected by both an anti-static sjperpipe, as well as a bubble wrap bag. Gaming with this card provides an excellent experience. Everything is packed nicely, and shipping damage should not be a concern. Where it trumps those setups is of course with power, heat, and quite likely sound. Using stream units, plus heavily redesigned from the previous G80 and G92 generations of parts, it was a rendering monster for its time.

The top end cards that we have available now can drive most applications at x resolutions with differing amounts of quality settings enabled. Even if it’s used, I would be interested. The power requirements have gone down quite a bit from the GTX While it is the fastest single chip board out there, gtz still falls down a bit when faced with either a SLI or CrossFire setup.

A quarter century tour; a Space Marine’s job is never done. We also see increases in capabilities, whether it is Folding or running the latest DX10 game in full DX10 mode.

Where the 55 nm process really helped pay for itself is in the clockspeeds and TDPs ksi these parts.