Certainly the MSI Gaming passes this aspect with flying colors with it having the red and black gaming theme. Please log in or register to comment. Overclocking an AMD processor is a bit different with the Intels. If you run into problems, the Msi motherboard am2 platform Manual is well written and easy to read. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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The new socket however did debut a different heatsink retention mechanism with a cage-like design that was attached to the motherboard using four screws, not two. Our website is supported by our sponsors with advertisements that use Javascript to rotate the banners.

Game and Graphics Benchmarks Unigine Heaven mitherboard. Extensive overclocking options and titanium chokes are also standard across the board.

Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In terms of chipset support, Nvidia again proved to be the market leader as far as overclockers were concerned, winning in a space where again we find options from VIA and AMD themselves.

Given the up to par performance of the Gaming paired with the FX, the board can certainly get our highly recommended award particularly for the budget gaming builders.

Aliens Vs Predator Rebellion has released a stand-alone benchmark of its latest Aliens vs. Although raw CPU frequencies are not really treated as true benchmarks today, they remain an important performance metric for platdorm overclockers. While DFI had stolen the show on the previous Socket platform, in motherboarv Socket Motjerboard era they have but one board llatform the top ten, a massive drop off from having five on the previous generation.


It’s the new generation product that revolutionizes overclocking performance and reliability. In terms of raw performance, the transition to DDR2 actually offered fairly minimal gains.

There can be only One: MSI modular motherboard will support both Intel and AMD CPUs

If you run into problems, the Msi motherboard am2 platform Manual is well written and easy to read. Moving mothherboard to the performance of the board relative to the processor used in this review, I can clearly see that this platform is weak with regards to single-thread usage while its strength is in multi-core performance as seen with the CINEBENCH results wherein it significantly beats an ik paired with an MSI Z97 Gaming 5 and the other Z97 boards.

Valley Benchmark is a new GPU stress-testing tool from the developers of the very popular and highly acclaimed Heaven Benchmark. OC Profile You can save your overclocking settings and they will appear in this page.

The Gaming motherboard also follow the black and red color theme just like the rest of the gaming series motherboards. Yes there are differences but it is barely significant in my opinion as gaming doesn’t really exhaust a processor’s potential but more exhausting on the graphics processor on a p gaming setting.

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. Let’s wrap up this review on the next page. Please log in or register to comment. Are you looking for a silent yet powerful SLI platform system? Settings Tab The settings tab is perhaps the most important segment in the BIOS since everything is configured here aside from the overclocking settings.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion Comparing AMD versus Intel platforms is an endless debate and this review could really spark the decade old rivalry between the two chip makers. Support for the latest dual core CPUs and dual channel memory even faster than Mhz provides a perfect platform for performance junkies!! With the full speed of dual PCI-E x16 bandwidth, the graphic cards while CrossFire uses the PCI Express bus allowing a bit a more flexibility and improving the performance doubled for gamer.


Here’s the stock frequencies of the FX which I will be using on the baseline tests. When it comes to building and AMD socket AM2 computer system for gaming or general computing needs, value is the key word. Check out the submission from MaSell here: The Socket AM2 era is one where we see six motherboards vendors occupy places in the top ten list.

Move on to the next page to check the BIOS page. The FX was not the popular choice with overclockers however, who as with the previous platform were much more tempted by the proposition of pushing cheaper parts and getting a genuinely free performance boost.

MSI, The Expert in Dual Core AM2 Platform New Generation of AM2 Series motherboard! | MSI Global

The K9N series supports a sufficient number of connectivity options for freedom and flexibility. Now let’s talk about a more mssi angle in this review which is the value of the motherboard relative to its performance.

With golden audio connectors you get the best possible signal output with less chance of distortion. These too has the MSI gaming dragon design.