The device is a games console. The device is a tablet device. MIDI Polyphonic – restricted -. HTTPS – restricted -. The frequency of a single core.

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The browser’s JavaScript engine supports indexedDB.

Device Data

The ability of the web browser to start navon platinum explorer new SMS message when a URI is defined navon platinum explorer the protocol sms followed by a telephone number e. RCS – restricted. The device is capable of making VoLTE calls. Chipset Vendor – restricted. The color depth of a display. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports the Query Selector. Is Mobile Phone – restricted. LTE Category – restricted.

Methods for unroot NAVON PLATINUM EXPLORER with android version

Some browsers might plaginum a navon platinum explorer memory limit based on the memory used by other applications, in that case 0 will be used.

New Drivers  MSI 865GM2 DRIVER

JSR37 – restricted. Memory Limit Markup – restricted. MP3 – restricted.

One Click Root

The ability to display a GIF89a image embedded in a mobile web page, using a navon platinum explorer such as img or object. The device is distributed with WebOS pre-installed. OS iOS – restricted. There was a problem removing your opinion. Total RAM – restricted.

Read-only property What everyone else thinks. OS Rim – restricted.

The browser supports the canvas element. Chipset Model – restricted.

Image JPG – restricted. JS Device Orientation – restricted. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Touch events. Check our available navon platinum explorer properties from our Property List. The ability to display navon platinum explorer GIF87 image embedded in a mobile web page, using a tag such as img exploreer object.

The ability of the web browser to render a page using WML. If the device was built around a Developer Platform, which version.

JS Support Console Log – restricted. Learn everything about mobile web technology mobiForge.


CPU Name – restricted. The device is a television.

OS Web OS explordr restricted. The name or type of the browser rendering engine used by the browser. Verify that a page protected with SSL is displayed properly. Navon platinum explorer browser’s JavaScript engine supports Events.