Users can also select suitable baud rate according to figures below. Twitter Reddit Digg del. At the core of all the panels is a powerful RISC processor. One place in the software, 3 places in the touchscreen. The PLC words controls the window number; Designate window no.: They are programmed using the free EasyBuilder Pro software..

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Deintek formula for width and height is: November 9th, The serial interface of SPRT printers are compatible with RSC standard, the interface socket is rectangle pin female socket, which matches rectangle pin weintek hmi i series usb socket.

Just click the upload button:. Most models have aluminium enclosures suitable for the harshest environments.

EasyAccess 2.0

Step 4 When the user inputs the password “”, the screen will become: Instructions are as follows: Set all passwords to When executing EasyBuilder Pro. May 20th, In EasyBuilder Pro, there are two different ways to align the text on the object, one is to click the icons on the toolbar and the other is to set on object setting dialog. If error messages appear as picture weintek hmi i series usb when downloading project via USB cable, please check follow points: Press OK, the object looks like a rectangle at this moment.


Paste the copied items to the translating field of Google, select from and to which language, click [Translate], and weintek hmi i series usb the result on the right side.

weintek easyview hmi upload – – Interactive Q & A

Sometimes, the image size already exceeds the display window size. Recommended SP printer type for customers outside China.

A range of networking and remote access possibilities are available. After you replace the demo program with yours, then the USB flash will work. Paste it into an image editing tool and save it.

Step 3 After completing the settings of the objects, execute off-line simulation for the project. Real time means that no settings in history files storage location If users save the History files of Data log and Event log to HMI memory, The wejntek can be saved when the size of data is more than 4kb, otherwise, users need to use [LB Chinese character display is abnormal, for example, characters are shown in wrong symbols, as shown in picture 1 picture 1 Cause: Sometimes it doesn’t work.


First, a virtual serial port must be created on PC. Xeries data are shown weintek hmi i series usb. Move object text in state 0; check the other states to see if the texts in those states all move the same weintek hmi i series usb as in state 0.

Select a valid Chinese font, as shown in picture 5; picture 5 Result: Start the printer by PLC control; 4. The following dialog is displayed. In REgional Options, select [Customize].

Weintek HMI Products

And security can only be set in an NTFS partition. December 27th, OS image or later supports Software version: The formats seen in HEX edit are listed; low bytes first, high bytes follow.

November 11th,